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PPoPP 2017
Sat 4 - Wed 8 February 2017 Austin, Texas, United States
  1. Pagoda: Fine-Grained GPU Resource Virtualization for Narrow Tasks Tsung Tai Yeh;Amit Sabne;Putt Sakdhnagool;Rudolf Eigenmann;Timothy G. Rogers
  2. Tapir: Embedding Fork-Join Parallelism into LLVM’s Intermediate Representation (Best Paper Award) Tao B. Schardl;William S. Moses;Charles E. Leiserson
  3. Groute: An Asynchronous Multi-GPU Programming Model for Irregular Computations Tal Ben-Nun;Michael Sutton; Sreepathi Pai; Keshav Pingali
  4. Self-Checkpoint: An In-Memory Checkpoint Method Using Less Space and Its Practice on Fault-Tolerant HPL Xiongchao Tang;Jidong Zhai;Bowen Yu;Wenguang Chen;Weimin Zheng
  5. SC-Haskell: Sequential Consistency in Languages that Minimize Mutable Shared Heap Michael Vollmer;Ryan G. Scott;Madan Musuvathi;Ryan R. Newton
  6. Synchronized-by-Default Concurrency for Shared Memory Systems Martin Bättig;Thomas R. Gross
  7. Checking Concurrent Data Structures Under the C/C++11 Memory Model Peizhao Ou;Brian Demsky
  8. An Efficient Abortable-locking Protocol for Multi-level NUMA Systems Milind Chabbi;Halim Amer;Shasha Wen;Xu Liu
  9. Silent Data Corruption Resilient Two-sided Matrix Factorizations Panruo Wu;Nathan DeBardeleben;Qiang Guan;Sean Blanchard;Jieyang Chen;Dingwen Tao;Xin Liang;Kaiming Ouyang;Sihuan Li;Zizhong Chen
  10. Function Call Re-Vectorization Rubens Emilio;Sylvain Collange;Fernando Magno Quintao Pereira
  11. Eunomia: Scaling Concurrent Search Trees under Contention Using HTM Xin Wang;Weihua Zhang;Zhaoguo Wang;Ziyun Wei;Haibo Chen;Wenyun Zhao
  12. Layout Lock: A Scalable Locking Paradigm for Concurrent Data Layout Modifications Nachshon Cohen;Arie Tal;Erez Petrank
  13. Understanding the GPU Microarchitecture to Achieve Bare-Metal Performance Tuning Xiuxia Zhang;Guangming Tan;Shuangbai Xue;Jiajia Li;KerenZhou;Mingyu Chen
  14. EffiSha: A Software Framework for Enabling Efficient Preemptive Scheduling of GPU Guoyang Chen;Yue Zhao;Xipeng Shen;Huiyang Zhou
  15. Simple, Accurate, Analytical Time Modeling and Optimal Tile Size Selection for GPGPU Stencils Nirmal Prajapati;Waruna Ranasinghe;Sanjay Rajopadhye;Rumen Andonov;Hristo Djidjev;Tobias Grosser
  16. Using Butterfly-Patterned Partial Sums to Draw from Discrete Distributions Guy L. Steele Jr.;Jean-Baptiste Tristan
  17. Exploiting Vector and Multicore Parallelism for Recursive Data- and Task-Parallel Programs Bin Ren;Sriram Krishnamoorthy;Kunal Agrawal;Milind Kulkarni
  18. Thread Data Sharing in Cache: Theory and Measurement Hao Luo;Chen Ding
  19. Combining SIMD and Many/Multi-core Parallelism for Finite State Machines with Enumerative Speculation Peng Jiang;Gagan Agrawal
  20. KiWi: A Key-Value Map for Scalable Real-Time Analytics Dmitry Basin;Edward Bortnikov;Anastasia Braginsky;Guy Golan Gueta;Eshcar Hillel;Idit Keidar;Moshe Sulamy
  21. Noise Injection Techniques to Expose Subtle and Unintended Message Races Kento Sato;Dong H. Ahn;Ignacio Laguna;Gregory L. Lee;Martin Schulz;Christopher M. Chambreau
  22. Contention in Structured Concurrency: Provably Efficient Dynamic Non-Zero Indicators for Nested Parallelism Umut A. Acar;Naama Ben-David;Mike Rainey
  23. Processor-Oblivious Record and Replay Robert Utterback;Kunal Agrawal;I-Ting Angelina Lee;Milind Kulkarni
  24. Model-based Iterative CT Image Reconstruction on GPUs Amit Sabne;Xiao Wang;Sherman Kisner;Charles Bouman;Anand Raghunathan;Samuel Midkiff
  25. A Multicore Path to Connectomics-on-Demand Alexander Matveev;Yaron Meirovitch;Hayk Saribekyan;Wiktor Jakubiuk;Tim Kaler;Gergely Odor;David Budden;Aleksandar Zlateski;Nir Shavit
  26. Optimizing the Four-Index Integral Transform Using Data Movement Lower Bounds Analysis Samyam Rajbhandari;Fabrice Rastello;Sriram Krishnamoorthy;Karol Kowalski;P. Sadayappan
  27. S-Caffe: Co-designing MPI Runtimes and Caffe for Scalable Deep Learning on Modern GPU Clusters Ammar Ahmad Awan;Khaled Hamidouche;Jahanzeb Maqbool Hashmi;Dhabaleswar K. Panda
  28. Isoefficiency in Practice: Configuring and Understanding the Performance of Task-based Applications Sergei Shudler;Alexandru Calotoiu;Torsten Hoefler;Felix Wolf
  29. Grammar-aware Parallelization for Scalable XPath Querying Lin Jiang;Zhijia Zhao