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PPoPP 2017
Sat 4 - Wed 8 February 2017 Austin, Texas, United States

This workshop aims to bring together developers of compiler infrastructures, researchers interested in compiler infrastructures, and users of compiler infrastructures in academia. The workshop will consist of developer talks describing different compiler infrastructures and their use, and user talks describing how compiler infrastructures have been used in research and in courses. The last session of the workshop will be an open discussion on the future requirements for compiler infrastructures, and how compiler infrastructures can be used in the context of compiler, programmer languages, and broader computer science education.

Extended abstracts are solicited for both categories of talks. Extended abstracts should be no longer than four pages, including references, and describe the work that will be covered in a talk.

The first category of talks will be from developers of compiler infrastructures. It is expected that these talks will be in the form of a short tutorial (90 to 120 minutes) describing the features, advantages and shortcomings of the infrastructure, and discussion of how to use and modify the infrastructure. Suggestions for use cases include:

  • Compiler analyses, transformations, and optimizations
  • Code generators for parallel languages and platforms
  • Tools for debugging or performance analysis
  • Compiler infrastructures themselves
  • Case studies and performance evaluations
  • The second category of talks will be from users of compiler infrastructures. These users may be researchers that use and/or extend compiler infrastructures in the course of their research, or users of infrastructures in a classroom or academic environment. Case studies will be of particular interest for both research and education oriented talks. It is expected that these talks will be about 30 minutes long. There will be an informal proceedings of extended abstracts provided to attendees of the conference. All other publication rights will remain with the authors. More information at: https://engineering.purdue.edu/~smidkiff/wcire

    Call for Papers

  • Submission deadline: Nov. 18, 2016. Submit extended abstracts (4 pages maximum) to smidkiff@purdue.edu
  • Notification of Authors: November 28, 2016
  • Camera-ready version of the extended abstract, no more than 4 pages in length: January 20. 2017. Slides for tutorials can also be included
  • Workshop date: February 4 or 5, 2017

    More information available at: https://engineering.purdue.edu/~smidkiff/wcire